Glauben, Wissenschaft, Freiheit

Hello, my name is Mark Jabel. You can also call me Jabel, that’s my nickname. I am a senior high school student at the Adventist University of the Philippines Academy. I am taking the STEM strand in the Academic Track. I am passionate in discussing topics about science, technology, and music. I really want to be a computer programmer in the future that’s why I took the STEM strand. In addition to that, I am also into politics. My opinions are generally moderate and swayed by my religious beliefs (I will maybe discuss this in the future.).

Now, my beliefs and interests are the things that would shape this blog. Not long ago, these beliefs and interests culminated in a formula in learning that I call the “Three Pillars of Learning”. It is composed of three elements: Glauben, Wissenschaft, und Freiheit. These are all German words that translate respectively to: Faith, Science, and Freedom. To some, these three might not seem to go well together, but in my opinion, these are the three things that shape my learning experience. It is faith that pushes our aspirations to its limits. Whatever faith you have, whether it be Islam, Buddhism, or just simply faith in humanity, it drives ourselves do more and to exceed the norms of society. The other pillar is science. Science appeals to our intellect and gives us insight to world around us. It helps us understand the things around us. This understanding is the foundation of how we push our society forward. This understanding also drives innovation and new inventions. The last, but not the least pillar is freedom. Imagine this, you are living in a harsh authoritarian community without safeguards to free speech, publication, movement, etc. You are a scientist that discovered a new theory that contradicts the government’s view on specific things. How would you publish your new theory? How can your idea be further tested? This drives the point that freedom is an essential part of learning. It gives us the opportunity to learn whatever, wherever, whoever, whenever, and however we want to. With it, we can think freely, accepting new ideas (and constructively criticizing them also) and learning how to use ideas to better shape our society. It also helps us freely express ourselves and our point. Finally, it helps us see the problems that we have and solve it in a free-thinking manner.

So what’s this blog all about? Simply, this blog is all about anything that I like to discuss. Centering on the Three Pillars of Learning (My posts will also be categorized using these pillars), this blog will be open for discussion and learning. Personally, my goal in writing this blog is not to get a large audience but to engage myself in writing, discussing, and being productive. Thank you very much for reading this stuff. I really apologize for writing this article. You can expect a new article within this week. Tschüss for now!





This is the first thing you do when you want to make sure that people would like you the first time you meet them. Whether it be a party, a church service, or the first day at your new school. Because it already has become a standard to do it, I will do it. Like other people who want to make a good lasting first impression, I welcome you all warmly to my roost. This is the place where I will be posting everything I want to share with everyone starting today. Of course there are other places I can share stuff with y’all but this will be my preferred channel if I want to share lengthy content.

I want to admit this to everyone, I am no great writer, neither do I have experience in writing. Seriously, I just want to vent out things that are in my mind, because why not? In my next post, I will be introducing myself and the point of my blog. I will be discussing to you the main theme of site and the topics that I will discuss. See y’all tomorrow!

Tschüss for now!