This is the first thing you do when you want to make sure that people would like you the first time you meet them. Whether it be a party, a church service, or the first day at your new school. Because it already has become a standard to do it, I will do it. Like other people who want to make a good lasting first impression, I welcome you all warmly to my roost. This is the place where I will be posting everything I want to share with everyone starting today. Of course there are other places I can share stuff with y’all but this will be my preferred channel if I want to share lengthy content.

I want to admit this to everyone, I am no great writer, neither do I have experience in writing. Seriously, I just want to vent out things that are in my mind, because why not? In my next post, I will be introducing myself and the point of my blog. I will be discussing to you the main theme of site and the topics that I will discuss. See y’all tomorrow!

Tschüss for now!



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